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Types of feet. Do you know what yours is and what it says about you?

January 11, 2018


The feet are a very important part of our body that support all our weight, allow us to move and go where they take us. In addition, they are special: there are no two equal feet, each one is unique and has its own characteristics that make it different from the rest.


But, throughout history, the feet have been classified in many ways depending on their anatomy. For example, we find:


-Pie plane: low height or non-existent planting vault.


-Pie cavo: a lot of height of the plantar vault.


-Pie normal: average height of the plantar vault.


However, in this entry we go to the counters of the classifications to differentiate the feet. The first, most common, is based on the size of the fingers, specifically, the first and second toes of the foot and is related to the different civilizations of the history of humanity, a curiosity that also explains in the post. The second one is classified according to the length of the first metatarsal.


According to the length of the fingers




They are the feet that have the second finger shorter than the first. It is the most common, between 50-60% of people own it. Footwear manufacturers normally follow a pattern of this type to make the shoes last, so it is the people who find it easier to find the right shoes.


It should be noted that, in cases in which the first metatarsal is longer than normal, the foot may end up developing an osteoarthritis (rigid hallux) in the joint of the big toe. In addition, using very tight lasts predisposes the person to suffer hallux valgus (bunions). But not everything is negative, as a curiosity, the artists of the Egyptian era considered this type of foot an ideal of beauty and they represented it in the paintings they made for the pharaohs. Therefore, according to the pharaohs, you have the most beautiful foot.


There are some studies that relate the type of foot with the personality of the people. Imre Somogyi, author of Reading Toes: Your Feet as Reflections of Your Personality, affirms that people with the Egyptian foot are dreamy, idealistic, impulsive and with a changing mood.




They are the feet that have the second finger longer than the first finger (hallux). Approximately 15% of the population has this type of foot. The main problem can come when the length of the second finger is excessive, exceeding the first one by more than 1 cm. In these occasions, it is possible that the second finger is positioned "in claw" due to the lack of space being compressed against the tip of the shoe.


If you have this type of foot we recommend you to choose very well the shoe and the shoe to avoid these problems.


As a curious fact, this type of foot is called Greek because it is related to the mythology of that time. It can be seen in some of the Greek sculptures as they reproduced this type of foot in different mythological characters.


On the other hand, Imre Somogyi points out that people who have a Greek foot are active, enthusiastic, intelligent and with a lot of capacity for sport and to lead teams.


Therefore, having the Greek foot can generate some of the problems we have mentioned, but look on the positive side, you share the type of standing with the Greek gods.




They are the feet that have the same length on the first and second fingers. They are less frequent and tend to be wider feet, so that people who have this type of foot need shoes with longer legs when it is time to put on shoes.


In relation to Imre Somogyi's study, people with this type of foot are not at all impulsive and shy away from making impromptu decisions. They are practical and decisive. Consistent with its principles, they convey security and are reliable.

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